Classroom Support

The educational resources available on the Island of Zanzibar are extremely limited. We make the most of internet resources and foreign teachers cart supplies from the western world when possible. Still the amount of money we are able to budget for classroom resources is less than half of what is really needed.

In order to make sure students have access to age appropriate reading books, educational toys, and other learning materials we need donations from people like you! With your monetary donation we can purchase items from our wish list that would really make a difference in daily classroom life.

Our wish list:
- Reading books for all ages (new books are needed every term to enhance topic learning and grow with children’s ability)
- Story book to foster a love of reading in our early childhood students
- Manipulatives for early childhood motor and math skills
- Paints and other craft supplies for all classrooms
- A portable projector for multi media learning
- Portable speakers for our dance and music classes
- 2 boom box CD players to bring music into the nursery & preschool classrooms
- Gym mats for dance and tumbling
- A larger table for the nursery students
- Funding for field trips so we can take advantage of Zanzibar’s wonderful natural resources!


We all find from time to time that's it's good to have a clear out at home.

We appreciate any good quality books/toys and games if you have no use for them anymore


Please contact us if you can help the school in anyway